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Resistance: Burning Skies Review

Resistance: Burning Skies for the Playstation Vita is being touted as a miss by many in the gaming community.  It seems that many people are trying to compare this release with its siblings, all of which are major PS3 titles.  While Burning Skies is certainly not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, trying to contrast any Vita title with any upper-end console title is a bit pointless and unfair.

This game is actually quite good, despite all the bad press; definitely a big achievement in terms of what developers can do with the (somewhat limited) Vita.  The truth is, Resistance: Burning Skies is proof positive that First-Person Shooters will work on handhelds, but the question is, does anyone actually care?


For what it’s worth, RBS is actually a very graphically solid Vita title.  In other words, this game looks as good as anything else that’s out right now for the Vita.  Sure, the environments aren’t as malleable as we’d like and tend to be a bit dark and bland-looking, but they’re by no means shabby.  The few epic boss battles you’ll encounter certainly deliver a good bit of visual “oomph” as well.


This title plays just like a FPS should, so no surprises there.  Additionally, the game handles exactly the way you would expect most game of the genre to.  The problem is that Burning Skies is basically a very linear game with a short campaign and somewhat reduced interactivity.  Serious fans of the Resistance series will undoubtedly be a little bit disappointed with this offering as it is certainly several steps back from what the console titles can offer.


While a great number of devoted Resistance fans and Playstation aficionados are going to be very disappointed with this game, those who are primarily handheld gamers should find plenty to love about this release.  The problem with RBS is that it fails to deliver the atmosphere needed in terms of sound, graphics, control, multiplayer…basically, all the things which comprise the quintessential “Resistance experience”.

Those who are hardcore fans of the franchise may still want to pick this up, but only if it’s because they plan on being away from their consoles (if you catch my drift).  For individuals who haven’t been introduced to the series as of yet, Resistance: Burning Skies might actually provide a nice introduction to the franchise.  In short, this game is going to be a miss for many and a hit for a select number of devout Vita owners.

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