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Mortal Kombat Review

With the release of Mortal Kombat, PS Vita owners finally have top-notch fighter to add to their library.  First off, you should know that Mortal Kombat for the Vita is a port of a console title, which isn’t always ideal.  Luckily, this port is beyond acceptable; it is of a high enough quality to deem it worthy of even the most discrimination gamer (including long-standing MK fans).  While gamers aren’t really presented with anything new in the Vita version of Mortal Kombat, it is by all means, a bona-fide testament to the roots of the franchise.

As with many of the other titles in the series, this entry is also presents the player with the opportunity to participate in a tournament.  You assume the role of your chosen character and battle your way up the ladder in an effort to prove that you’re the most dominating and deadly fighter of all the land.  Throughout your journey you will encounter terrifying foes and will be treated to a number of interesting cut-scenes which serve to progress the story as well as provide any necessary background information.  Mortal Kombat may be a violent gore-fest, but it has other redeeming characteristics which manifest themselves in the level design, characters and overall artistic feel.


For a Vita game, Mortal Kombat looks pretty good.  This title uses the unreal engine with physics being provided courtesy of Havok.  There are plenty of refinements present which amplify the experience and add a certain bloody artistic sense of the presentation.  As you might expect, the entire production is silky and fairly seamless; virtually no hang-ups or framerate issues to speak of.


The real draw of this title is the gameplay, which is by all accounts, fantastic.  Outside of the story mode and competitive multiplayer modes there are various other mini-games and challenges to engage in.  As you might expect, the mini games themselves are somewhat….bloody and gory.  However, the main thing to remember here is that the core gameplay mechanics (which are found in most of the titles in the series) are completely intact.  Mortal Kombat for the Vita plays exactly like a more compact version of its console-laden brethren.  All of the vicious miniature cut-scenes you’re probably already familiar with are included, as are the signature moves of all of your favorite legacy characters (including some strange new additions).


Mortal Kombat is definitely one the top games currently available for the PS Vita; this is simply one of those games you shouldn’t pass on purchasing.  In terms of fighting games / brawlers, this title is the best thing out right now for the Vita, if you enjoy those types of games, you’ll absolutely love this.

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