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Gravity Rush Review

Gravity Rush is a Playstation Vita game that has been met with extremely mixed reviews.  Some gamers feel as though GR is one of the better games out for the Vita right now, while others seem to feel that it is totally uninspired…Perhaps the bulk of gamers fall somewhere in between?

Regardless, Gravity Rush is an excellent game which incorporates some fresh concepts with an intriguing storyline (which is slightly reminiscent of “Beyond Good & Evil” and the mysterious atmosphere that it generated if you ask me, and that’s a good thing).   There’s an accessible and lovable protagonist, worthy antagonists, and interesting level design; any way you want to look at it, this is a solid game that doesn’t deserve such rampant negativity.


Gravity Rush employs a uniquely comic book-like art style which looks great and perfectly services the scope and angle of the storyline itself.  There are some technical issues to contend with however; namely, the draw distance and rendering.  Due to hardware limitations the draw distance is somewhat limited in open areas, which can make combat more difficult for some players (others might not find it to be much of an issue at all).  All in all, GR is a very colorful game though, with a decidedly unique feel.


Your character, Kat gains the ability to influence or control gravity by means of furry acquaintance named Dusty (which reminded me of Navi from LoZ “Ocarina of Time” just a bit).  The gameplay in this title hinges around this ability to manipulate gravity.  Kat has lost all her memories and while trying to regain the knowledge of her past, she is fending off attacks from the mysterious visitors and trying to uncover their agenda as well.  Aside from engaging in combat, navigating the environment itself, with all the gravity storms and ruin; in short, the gameplay is fun and not overly repetitive.


Gravity Rush is a great action / platformer for the Vita; a great little game for handhelds.  This game incorporates elements from many legendary franchises as well, but it does a great job of doing it in an original way.  It’s very engaging, colorful, funny, and features a great story which will definitely suck you in.  If you own a Vita, this is one of the better games currently available; by all means, pick it up!

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